Initiative of Global Food Security Association for Young Scientists

The world is undergoing profound changes and facing severe challenges. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, climate disasters, regional conflicts and violence, the global economy is confronted with the greatest challenges in decades. Scientists worldwide shoulder a mission to provide innovative strategies to address emerging and potential challenges. As the most active and innovative part of the community, young scientists should take the responsibility of promoting global dialogue and multilateral cooperation, and addressing global food risk and inequality issues.

Governments, scientists, and international institutes around the world are working together to provide innovative strategies to address emerging and potential challenges. The young generation plays an important role in the governance of current global affairs, and will also be the future decision-makers in global affairs. Young scientists are an important force in continuing to promote global dialogue and multilateral cooperation, and are the most active and innovative force in tackling global food and inequality issues.

Global Food Security Association for Young Scientists aims to bring together scholars, educators and innovators working on all aspects of global food security worldwide. We propose the following actions.

We are committed to promoting information exchange and resource sharing for addressing food security issues. As the outstanding ones and opinion leaders of the young generation, young scientists from different regions and countries shall uphold an open and inclusive mind, ready to popularize healthy diet patterns, actively improve the collection and analysis of food production and consumption data and share research findings across worldwide.

We are committed to promoting the transition and optimization of global agri-food system. We shall make use of our expertise to address the crucial problems of global food security due to climate change and resource constraints, disasters and conflicts, assess the effectiveness of innovative food security programs including new production technology promotion and grain saving and loss reduction, and promote the application of innovations to accelerate the transition of global agri-food system.

We are committed to serve as an intellectual support for scientific decision-making on global food security. We shall dive into the fields, production workshops, and rural communities to discover real-life problems relating to the production, distribution and consumption of food, carry out high-quality survey and research, and strive to provide knowledge and consultation for communities and enterprises, and to offer decision-making support for governments and international institutions.

We are committed to grow in the practice of implementing food security initiatives. As participants in global food security governance and decision-makers for the future, we shall take the lead of making changes from small things and influence others, with an aim of aligning our sense of responsibility with the common development of all humankind, and advance our global vision, leadership, and competence through the personal practice in promoting food security.




致力于搭建信息交流与资源共享的桥梁。 作为广大青年群体的佼佼者和意见领袖,在粮食安全的诸多挑战面前,来自不同国家和地区的青年学者应秉承兼容并蓄的开放胸怀,大力促进健康膳食模式的推广普及,推动全球范围内不同国家和地区粮食生产和消费相关数据的收集运用和研究成果的交流。

贡献于回答农食系统优化转型的时代问题。 青年学者应以世界眼光、专业技能和有力行动,积极应对全球粮食安全在气候变化、自然资源约束、灾害和冲突等方面的时代挑战,科学评估新兴农业生产技术与节粮减损等各类保障粮食安全的方案有效性和地区适用性,通过创新成果的应用推动农食系统优化转型。

服务于全球粮食安全科学决策的智力支持。 青年学者应深入田间地头、生产车间、农户社区,通过高质量的调查研究发现粮食安全和食物生产、物流、消费等环节的现实问题,形成富有洞见的学术观点和可操作性的解决方案,为社区、企业提供科普与咨询,为政府、国际机构提供决策建议与参考。

成长于实施粮食安全保障举措的躬身实践。 作为当今全球粮食安全治理的参与者和未来的决策者,青年学者应该从自己做起,从小事做起,从影响身边的人开始,在促进粮食安全的躬身实践中增强自己促进全人类共同发展的担当意识,提高全球化视野,锻炼自己的领导力和全球胜任力。

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